Crosslink Austin was established in 2001 to serve powder coating needs of Central Texas. Since our modest beginning we have gradually expanded our customer base in Texas and beyond mostly by referrals.

Our goal is to contribute to your success by offering the best value in powder coating.

Value consists of three components




Crosslink’s Quality means:

Crosslink’s Quality means that we always meet or exceed your expectations.

Crosslink’s Service means:

1)       That we always deliver what we say

2)       Short and prompt turnaround

3)       Professional and courteous customer interaction

4)       One-stop for both stripping (of old coating, rust, oxidization) and Powder Coating

Size of oven: Flat: Approximately 20’ L x 5′ W x 8’ H (at an angle)

Three Dimensional: Approximately 20′ L x 5′ W x 6′ H